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Vietnam Conventional Marriage Ceremonies

Vietnam Conventional Marriage Ceremonies

Vietnam Conventional Marriage Ceremonies

The standard Vietnamese wedding is probably the most important ceremonies in Vietnam culture. It’s also considered to be the happiest time of one’s life. In order to avoid the culture shock if you are invited to the Vietnam Wedding, try to have some knowledge about it.

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Proposition Ceremony (Cham Ngo)

The proposition ceremony may be the conference of this groom and bride’s household so the bride’s one asks permission for the formal relationship regarding the kiddies utilizing the purpose of engaged and getting married. This ceremony frequently does occur with no rituals that are complicated while the gift ideas that the groom’s family members takes towards the bride’s are required to end up being the betel and also the areca.

Engagement Party (Dam hoi)

Engagement Ceremony

Engagement can be a formal statement for the wedding. Usually, both wedding couple or their moms and dads go directly to the fortuneteller to determine exactly just what time and date will be the most readily useful following a right time couples got delivery (lunar calendar). Leer más Acerca deVietnam Conventional Marriage Ceremonies