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Massachusetts Swings Both real Ways with Casino Vote

Massachusetts Swings Both real Ways with Casino Vote

Massachusetts Swings Both real Ways with Casino Vote

The MGM Springfield is one possible casino coming to Massachusetts in the near future; it got a thumbs up from local voters this week

This past week saw an abundance of voting happening across Massachusetts, including two key votes on proposed casino tasks into the state. The results had been split, giving both casino proponents and their opponents something to crow about.

Hard Rock Hits the Skids

The bigger vote came in town of West Springfield, where there had been a proposal to create an $800 million rough Rock casino. The casino was expected to be one of the key rivals for the Western Massachusetts casino license.

But that project ended up being dealt exactly what might be a deadly blow on Tuesday, after the voters of western Springfield decided to reject the plan in a referendum that is public. About 55% of voters here voted against the casino, with 4,165 coming away up against the project versus just 3,413 for this. The loss came as a surprise to many, while the campaign saw supporters associated with the casino drastically outspend opponents.

That rejection narrows the competition for the casino that is sole in Western Massachusetts. At the brief moment, it seems that only two applicants have a chance at that permit: an MGM project in Springfield, and a Mohegan Sun proposition that would be located in Palmer. The Palmer proposal still needs to be voted on by residents, while the MGM plan was approved by Spring Leer más Acerca deMassachusetts Swings Both real Ways with Casino Vote